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  • oldspural oldspural May 30, 2012 09:00 Flag


    The whole thing is a rip off, once again the top 10% make a fortune and/or get mbe's etc, drug cheats or merceneries running for any country that will have them just to make money, corporates running everything, all the assets which we have paid for will end up with large companies who will make fortunes from them, there was a much cheaper and better way to develop the east end of london, from the start "it will create thousands of jobs in the construction industry" yeah right 70% taken up by cheap foreign labour so the companies maximised profits, the tickets fiasco, to con the world that we wanted the games most yes most people ended up with tickets for rubbish events that they would'nt watch in a million years, the whole thing is a another giant rip off by the ruling 10% of the nation, to stroke their egos and increase their vast wealth, i hope it pi**es down with rain all day every day its on, please transport industry go on strike for the whole games, please all you car drivers who are paying for the bus lanes block them to stop the worlds top 10% which includes mass murderers, war mongers, despots, dictators etc using them, heres to a great summer 2013 NO BLOODY OLYMPICS !!!!!