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  • KAYLEIGH KAYLEIGH Nov 17, 2007 10:37 Flag

    The Cheeky Brummies

    So you guys like to call Newcastle rough etc do you, it suprises me that considering you come from a city with one of the highest gun crime areas in the country

    Gun Crime Cases Up To 3 A Day (Sep 16 2006)
    By Mark Cowan, Evening Mail.
    There were three major gun crime incidents in the West Midlands every day last year, according to new police figures.
    there were 1,101 serious crimes involving weapons.


    Home Secretary - Newcastle Civic Hall (16 July 2007)

    "Collectively you have an impressive record for cutting crime in this region, in the last two years alone you have brought robbery down by 27% and burglary down by 26% and gun crime which decreased by 16% during 2006" [ ED, that mightn't seem a lot but there isn't much gun crime to start with]

    I know which City I'd feel safer in, and yes i do realise Birmingham has a bigger population but it still has a much larger 'crimes to population ratio' than Newcastle.

    Newcastle has its fair share of 'multi-cultural areas' but at least we don't have 'ghettos' full of gun totting black youths.

    Oh, yes by the way, Birmingham and the W.Midlands the much bigger city/area with its bigger budget how many land marks have you got that non-brummies would of heard of, because I can't think of any unlike the Tyne Bridge, The Millenium Bridge and The Angel Of The North plus our annual running of 'The Great North Run' the worlds most popular half marathon, not to mention the fact we came runner up to in the European City Of Culture, something you weren't even short listed for, the judges decided shooting each other isn't part of western culture anymore

    I can say, hand on heart, there isn't a street I wouldn't walk down at any time of the day here in geordieland, now you're both 'thirty something men', would you walk down any chosen street at the dead of night in your city, I very much doubt it.

    So yeah say what #$%$ you want about the football and even Davey (lol) but don't start digging at the actual city especially when you live in a city like yours, 'the pot calling the kettle black' just doesn't go far enough.

    Oh and nige that thing about the guy with the Andy Cole Tattoo was on the regional news/sport when we sold the guy to ManUre, so chances are you don't know the guy, your just trying to be clever and sound funny, #$%$

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