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  • Paul Paul Apr 28, 2005 00:04 Flag

    If the Reds win the Champions League...

    I think it's shocking that Liverpool could win the Champions League and not get a chance to defend their trophy next season. What do other people think?

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    • Why should anyone care - Moronic sport, played by #$%$, watched by #$%$.
      If you want to see diving go to the swiming pool

    • they will let us in - who wants so many welsh, irish or icelandic teams in europe anyway

    • I think they should be allowed. What's the point in going out to try and win a trophy if you cannot defend it next season. I know the league form is indifferent but......

      Anyway without being horrible, I don't really think that Everton have the resources to progress into the knockout phase next season. I think it would be a waste of 4th place (no offence meant by the way.....)

    • Click on the following link.


      This is a page from the FA website. If you click on the top link it has been deleted. If you click on the Cached link for this. You can clearly see the FA have changed thier policy on who goes through if a team outside the top four wins in Istanbul.

    • although i am not a liverpool supporter, i think it is disgusting that the reds will not be able to defend their title if they win the champions league, its absolutely ridiculous, i know that only 4 clubs from each country can take part but common sense says that if a team wins a cup they should be allowed to defend the trophy, if you ask me the whole thing is a joke

    • i think both liverpool and everton deserve to go to next year cl...if liverpool can win this year. but at the end i think english premiere league has stole the headlines for this year...congrats to all english club!

    • If Liverpool win it would seem a little unfair if they er not in the Champions League next season. However currently its Everton in fourth place and if the FA change the rules and allow Liverpool entry instead i would feel sorry for Everton.

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      • It's not a rule change.

        The FA of the country in question can request from UEFA that the defending champions be entered instead of the 4th placed team.

        A precedence was set when the Spanish FA entered Real Madrid to defend the Champions League title a few years ago when they finished 5th - I forget the team who were booted into the UEFA cup because of it.

    • You're all missing an important point.

      If Everton go into it next season they will be ranked (probably) last as they have no score in the UEFA coefficient table because they have no European history in recent years. this means if they get through the qualification rounds they will face teams from pots 1,2 and 3 and in all probability not qualify from the group.

      IF Liverpool win it, they will be ranked number 1 as holders, so will face teams from pots 2,3 and 4 (the lesser teams) - they will in all probability get through the group stage.

      If the FA want to keep the 4 places we get now, we need English teams to be successful in Europe otherwise the English league will slip down the coefficient table and we will lose our 4th spot to some country like Germany.

      Check out UEFA.com

    • I think its called the CHAMPIONS league for a reason and liverpool are far from champions. they wont win anyway so it wont be an issue.

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      • You're all so jealous by the fact Liverpool are in the final of the best club competition in the world. Final number six. Arsenal have never reached a European Cup final. Neither have Chelsea. You can have your league titles, league cups, FA Cups for all we care. Even if we don't win the Champions league so what? We are one hell of a club in Europe. Unlike Arsenal. Liverpool, for all their faults, are the only English club to reach a European cup final this season. Have some pride, instead downtalking the Kop. Be glad that there is an English team representing the UK in the European Cup final. Damn, imagine if Man Utd or Arsenal were the only two British clubs allowed into the Champions League competition...we'd never get anywhere!

        Ps. What can you expect everytime with Arsenal in the European Cup?

        Answer: Elimination by the second stage

      • thats a stupid comment - 75% of the teams in it are champions of nothing.

        If LFC win the Champions League, they WILL be champions - of Europe !!

    • If Liverpool land it this season (as looks LIKELY) and everton "WIN" 4th place, no way on god's green earth should Everton take Liverpool's place. Both, yes, if UEFA bow to the burden of a deserving city. Otherwise, with Everton still hurting from not getting to rightfully appear in '86, ('cause of Heysel) Liverpool should offer SUBSTANTIAL reparations and take the holder's berth. Everton on the other hand should take the cash offer and HAPPILY accept the little Euro competition instead. Otherwise, what chance Liverpool and Everton actually meeting in the UEFA cup next year (should Everton avoid gp stge 4th place ignominity)?

      What good would that eventuality serve to the city and the country???

      Everton fans sit down and be serious for a mo. You guys are nowhere near ready to emulate Liverpool (this season's standards or historically) Y get embarassed / humiliated in the CL when you'd have a fair chance of success / survival in the smaller of the two pots?

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