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    First of all, fair play on the scousers for the comeback last night. But the hysteria surrounding it is over the top. THE greatest Champions League comeback was United in 99. Two goals in 2 minutes, at 90 minutes, TO WIN THE GAME in normal time was a far bigger and better achievement (and I was there!!). To claw back 3 goals in 45 minutes like I said was great, but score one just after half time and its very achievable and been done many times before in games. So well done scousers, enjoy your moment, but get it in perspective, you won't be defending it next year and you've gotta ge in it to win it! Oh, and have you ever done the treble........? So CALM DOWN CALM DOWN!!

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    • To be fair I was answering the treble comment from a previous comment. To get back to my thread, It still was the greatest comeback ever. As usual, the day after, the press were banging on about the greatest comeback ever by Liverpool, but now the dust has settled when the game is now being mentioned its a 'great' comeback. I agree its a great comeback, but Milan lost a 3 goal advantage in their last game before the final, so the doubts were there. Utd in 99 scored twice in the last couple of minutes of the game to win in normal time. Thats a true comeback to win the game, not on penalties!

    • Winning a game within 90min is if course better, but if you were to think to about it, Man U was the Barclay League Champ & FA Cup winner. They are expected to win in that game cos the '99 CL Final, Bayer Munich do not have the class of players like Milan have & Man U was only 1 goal down compare to Liverpool's 3-0 down. For Liverpool with players like Traore, Smicer, Finnan etc who cant be compared to the likes & qualities of Kaka, Schev, Crespo, Staap, Nesta, Maldini etc to come back from 3-0 down is already a very good results even if Liverpool didn't win (but they did win the PK shootout).
      As for all the Man U fans out there, credit to your team for the '99 CL Final comeback. The fact is, Liverpool will be remembered for a long time for this match.

    • Done the treble!!!!??????try 1983-84 league,european cup and league cup or even more recently as 2000-01 fa cup,uefa cup,league cup.as youre probably oblivious to football pre 1993 you wouldnt of realised the first treble even happened.but not to worry were european champions and i dont give a flying fuck how lucky anyone thinks it was.scoring after half time was as you said achievable but scoring in 180 minutes was unachievable for you even at the so called fortress.and another point we got in it and won it so there nah na nah na nah

    • and you call city fans bitters...

    • The best Champion's League comeback ever was English teams getting back in at all. Obviously UEFA waited until we couldn't win it every year (English teams that is). PS I am an Evertonian, but I'm not bitter Oh no. We would have only won it at least three times anyway.

    • Have manc scum ever won the championship 3 years on the spin, the league cup 4 times on the bouce and the european cup 4 times in eight years. In 99 Munich were robbed and should have won 2-0. Manc scum

    • Do me a favour, boy from Kent. This has been the most talked about final ever. Your comeback was great, I admit, but not the best. Considering you were only 0-1 down. Maybe if you had been 0-3 you would have something to shout about! For now.....

    • what are you talking about United got lucky when they won that year because if bayern had hafl an hour like milan did they would have buried you, liverpool had half an hour left anything could have happened

    • you sad mancs we are famous for our achievments-utd scum are famous because their plane crashed

    • Only United fans could suggest that reversing a One-Nil scoreline could be considered "the greatest comeback ever". They're right of course - it takes a superhuman effort to get the one goal required to avoid defeat and then raise yourselves again to get....another goal. Amazing stuff. Clearly being 3-0 down at half-time to a team that is arguably the best in Europe playing fantastic football, revisiting your tactics and clawing back the three goals (and not conceeding any more), staying in the game with some inspired goalkeeping, and defying exhaustion and cramp to muster enough strength of body and mind to take part in (never mind win) a penalty shootout pales into insignificance against their achievement in '99.

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