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    1 million on the streets of liverpool for the home coming of the biggest domestic trophy you can win.250000 watch chelsea come home with their 1st league win in 50 years.the games against juve chelsea shook the earth with the fans passion at anfield, flags scarfs ,banners create an atmosphere no other ground in the uk can replicate.we are the best fans in the world.try to proof me wrong.....bet you cant

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    • Following the success of the recent Liverpool Euro Program "One Night In May" Sky are to do a similar program for Evertons Euro Exploits this season rumoured to be called " Two Nights in August"!

    • First of all the scenes in Liverpool were nothing compared to the turnout that Utd got after a) winning the first ever premiership and ending a 25 year league drought and b) becoming the best club side ever to grace this planet and bringing home the three greatest trophies that an Englishman can desire. But then to coagulate these theories into one way of "proofing" you wrong. Scousers will turn out for anything- a racial murder brought out just as many people. You dont fill anfield every week whereas manchester United sell out 70,000 premiership seats every time whether it be chelsea or Wigan, Man Utd fans dont riot, but instead show passion in supporting their team instead of burning Gerrard shirts only to find out the moron was confused and indeed staying. More proof, OK then; Manchester United have more fans in the world than any other club even though many boast a greater yield of trophies and finally 4,000 people turned out within 50 minutes of hearing Wayne Rooney was at Old Trafford whereas a total of none chased Zenden, Sissoko, Reina and that guy who doesnt have a permit. Conclusive, i think so. And also Manchester United broke the decibel count per fan in Barcelona after Ole twisted his foot to send the Germans into a world of pain and dispair. Giddyup.

    • The only reason 1 million people turned up is because no one works up there and has nothing better to do. I bet the crime wave must have dropped for a couple of hours too. Best fans in the world?? History tells otherwise.

    • Alright, I know this champions league section but pompey is up there for best fans in the world. Losing 5-1 to Arsenal at fratton park, our fans never stopped cheering, even appaulding Arsenal for the way they played. Henry was given a standing ovation. He put on a pompey shirt at the end and qouted that he had never seen support like that anywhere in the world. Ever seen that at anfield???
      I don't think so. And why do scousers think they have a god given right to win everything?? Those days are long gone. They are not even in the same class as Chelsea/Arsenal/utd and will get found out again this season.

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      • Quote from Hathaway Alan:

        ""Losing 5-1 to Arsenal at fratton park, our fans never stopped cheering, even appaulding Arsenal for the way they played. Henry was given a standing ovation. He put on a pompey shirt at the end and qouted that he had never seen support like that anywhere in the world. Ever seen that at anfield???""

        Well, I can't say that Liverpool would lose 5-1 against anybody at Anfield so your 'point' is 'pointless'.

        However, I do remember Liverpool losing the championship to Arsenal in the dying minute back in 1989 and the entire Kop stayed behind to applaud the Gunners off the pitch. I do remember losing 3-1 at home to Barcelona 3 years ago and the Kop applauding Barca off the pitch too. Yes, Pompey fans did well for applauding Arsenal at the end of that 5-1 thrashing but that's nothing unique. Liverpool fans have been doing that for decades and they are famous for their sportsmanship. They have a long history of it. Another famous incident was back in 1969 when Liverpool and Leeds were going for the title. Leeds won it at Anfield and the entire Kop started shouting "Champions" to the Leeds players and the Leeds players were overcome. They walked to the Kop and the Kop kept them there for 5 mins cheering them. Don Revie sent LFC a congratulatory telegramme in praise of the Liverpool fans who he called the best in the world.

        And here is a quote from Thierri Henry only juts a couple of months ago:

        "Henry also had words of praise for the club's brilliant supporters, adding: "Liverpool's fans are just amazing. The best feeling I have at away games is Anfield. It is just incredible. I love it. You get goosebumps when you see their supporters sing You'll Never Walk Alone."




    • Yet Chelsea fans will travel further to watch their team... typical glory boys, don't travel - only to the high profile matches.

      LOL... had to get that one in.

    • nothing more than trouble making car stealing killers

    • LFc are well cool and good

    • OH yeah, how come your most famous supporter, Michael Shields, says he is not going back to Annfield until 2020.
      Scousers should go back accross the sea , where they belong.

    • supporting Arsenal, I still have great respect for Liverpool.At the end of the day,supporting one team doesnt mean "to hate" all the others.In my opinion the LFC fans (I have loads of friends among them) are the best supporter in England and definitly one of the best in the World.Thank u for the precious moment of football you delivered to all the True football fan in champions league.

    • It's hard to argue against a team having the best fans in the world if they've got that number of fans waiting for you when you get back...www.SoccerGossip.com

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