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  • mike mike Aug 19, 2005 02:03 Flag


    Liverpool are now considered to be the best supported British club across the world, according to a leading sports consultants company.
    A report published today by German-based Sport+Markt AG has revealed that following the recent Champion League success our worldwide fan base has increased by 10 million.

    It goes on to say that we can now boast 18 million supporters across the world, a figure bettered only by Real Madrid (32 million) and Barcelona (23 million) in Europe.

    Spokesman Oliver Butler says: "The huge increase in the number of Liverpool fans showed how influential success can be in the size of support."

    Sport+Markt AG's top nine best supported European clubs

    1. Real Madrid
    2. Barcelona
    4. Juventus
    5. Milan
    6. Manchester United
    7. Arsenal
    8. Bayern Munich
    9. Chelsea