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  • Dore Le Jeurne Dore Le Jeurne Jun 3, 2005 03:14 Flag

    Heysel, Hillsborough, Munich!! Stop it NOW!!!

    I find it quite amazing the amount of people, that are willing to bring up these tragic events, Why its one thing to really slag another team off, fair enough, we all hate Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea etc, etc. The amount of people and there are a few willing to resort to bringing up the above is truly sickening... (what has Heysel or Hillsborough got to do with Liverpool winning the Champions league!!!!!!!!!!, and the so called Liverpool fan bring up Munich disaster was just as guilty.)(yeah sorry for starting this thread in the first place, but its begining to P*** me off now!!!!!!)

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    • the #$%$-house called man_united_won_no... . if you read his remarks i think u will come to the same conclusion as me in saying hes not a man united fan (obviously) and not even a liverpool for that matter, just a worthless piece of #$%$ who i would gladly meet and do more time at her majestys pleasure. so bring it on u little #$%$ no offence to any others im only here to play the game and a bit of tit for tat but this is going overboard.

    • Who are we actually talking about here!!!!

    • i can be a bitter fan,but resorting to that,if only he had the balls to back it up and explain his remarks, both of em infact in this thread, #$%$ #$%$ hasnt got the balls, if i ever met the #$%$ id gladly stamp on the maggots head without remorse.

    • on the subject of munich,heysel and hillsborough..munich was rubbed in utd fans faces for years prior to hillsborough,but how often has lfc's tradgedy been brought up compared to munich..answer=not a lot.so if anyones guilty of bringing up past tradgedy events its yourselves and now its stop bringing up these events, had hillsborough not happened we would still be subject to chants and taunts about munich..double standards id say.

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      • Actually, the Munich chants from LFC fans were tit for tat for the "Bill Shankly Is Dead" song that the Mancs used to sing in the 1980s after Shanks died. Liverpool fans NEVER made reference to Munich in the 1960s and 1970s.

        Mancs seem to have 'forgotten' the Bill Shankly song they used to sing with such gusto.

        It was six of one and half a dozen of the other. It came to an end after Hillsborough, although sadly some Mancs still take great joy out of it.

    • Couldn't have said it better myself. In fairness to Munich though, it was only mentioned once here and that comment was rounded on straight away by other Liverpool fans. Heysel seems to be brought up in every second post. Stop living in the past all you bitters.

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      • Anyone resorting to bringing the sad loss of life into a footie debate is NOT a true football fan.
        The Liverpool 'supporter' that mentioned Munich is a disgrace to his club. I am sure that every true Liverpool fan will join me in sending my apolgies to anyone offended by the sick and distasteful comment.
        As for Heysel, there were many contributing factors to what happened that night, although i am not trying to excuse the behaviour of some Liverpool fans at the stadium.
        Liverpool secretary Peter Robinson contacted UEFA 2-3 weeks before the final against Juventus expressing his concerns that the run down stadium was not secure and adequate enough to accomadate a big cup final. He said that the segregation of supporters was not good enough.
        Liverpool players had things thrown at them and i remember an enormous banner being shown by Juve supporters which read REDS ANIMALS.
        As i said, there were many contributing factors that led to the tragedy. We should never forget what happened that night, but we have to learn from it and move on.
        The fantastic behaviour by the Liverpool fans in Istanbul shows that we have learnt.
        This message board is a place to discuss football, we are never going to agree with everyones comments but should never resort to insults.
        Remember, as a liverpool supporter you represent your club, dont let your colours down.
        You'll Never Walk Alone. peace and great footie for all fans

    • You stole my thunder there.the bitterness stuns me.just a senario here imagine if chelsea or millwal were a european force in the 70's 80's. Yes i know,sends shivers down your spine dosnt it.liverpool have built bridges since heysel,grounds in uk are best in the world after hilsborough(a good out of a tradgety).