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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 21, 2005 21:11 Flag

    G14 and the madness of Stepptizzle.

    Just a few questions re the G14 that their web site does not make apparently clear at present.

    As is widely believed, they break away from UEFA and form their own league, then;
    1) Will it be closed shop ?
    2) Will they have relegation/promotion from another source or a new super league 2?
    3) What will be the criteria for joining if they control the european trophies

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    • There are only 18 clubs in it so it is probable that they would form only 1 league and therefore couldn't have promotion and relegation. 18 clubs is an ideal number to create a league.

      They would obviously have to create their own trophies and attract their own sponsorship. This may not be a problem as the most prestigious clubs in Europe would be involved. The clubs involved can already command large sponsorship deals etc!