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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 30, 2007 22:05 Flag

    AC Milan - Worthy winners?

    I maybe biased as a lifelong red, but I feel Liverpool were very unlucky. They controlled much of the game, and especially in the first half no one could touch Pennant on the right wing.

    There is no doubt Millan's first goal should not have been allowed. Even incidental contact with the arm should not be allowed when it causes a goal. But even after being down by a goal, and Millan playing 10 behind the ball, Liverpool still had the balance of play in the second half.

    Got to give Millan credit for their second. I want to say it was offside, but replay does not lie. Great ball thru, and cool finishing.

    Some would say it should have gone to penalties with a 1-1 tie at full time, or that Millan's first goal changed the complection of the game so much that if it had not been allowed, Liverpool could have won the game based on the control they had.

    I'd like to argue that, but fact is other than in the dying minutes, my Reds could not finish the chances they had. Millan pulled the trigger (maybe with a little luck) when their chances came, Liverpool did not.

    However heads should be held high. We got passed both Barca and Chelsea to get to the final. And were not outclassed like the Mancs in the final. With a little help on the left wing, and another striker who can close on the smallest of chances, we'll be back next year!