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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 3, 2007 19:35 Flag

    Champions League 3rd qualifying round

    I personally think liverpool will go far again this year, i think they are the strongest out of the four english teams in europe. I think chelsea will go far aswell, As for Manchester Utd an Arsenal i just dont think they can hack it in europes premier competition and think the quarter finals is possibly as far as they will get.

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    • I think this year the champions league will be harder then the last. the four english teams will do well but i think liverpool will do the best.

    • I don,t agree with you. I think Arsenal and Manchester United will go further than Liverpool and Chelsea this time around.I personally like thir style of skillfull and interesting football. I don't think chelsea will go very far this time.The best they may go is quarter finals. There over aggressiveness will be their undoing.I don't know about Liverpool being the strongest English team in Europe, anyway, we shall soon see if your assertion is correct.

    • Liverpool will go far again this year and Arsenal will be a surprise team that will do well too. Rangers will make the group stages but celtic will fall at the first hurdle as Moscow are too tough for a pub team like celtic

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      • I would like to see a very strong UK presence in the CL this Season... The problem is there is a weak link... The team from Glasgow that wear Blue White and Red (cant bring myself t even write their name lol)... Red Star Belgrade will be too strong for them. As a suggestion maybe they should withdraw and try the Intertoto cup next season ;)
        I think Celtic will get past group section but that is all (pity), my money is on the Scousers (they have the CL pedigree) they will win it. As for Chelski they are overpayed bottlers, Man Poo couldnt do it against Celtic and only squeezed past them in the group stages by a dodgy decision or 3 at Old Trafford (and yes i was there in Stretford Lower)...

      • i agree with you that LFC will go far but i think u shud giv our brothers at Celtic a chance i mean how great was it when they beat United in the Champs league last year!!!

    • I also think liverpool will get far maybe a bit of luck along the way and with the help of the draw then maybe another final is on the cards as for man u and chelsea and arsenal arsenal tooo weak physically for some teams and will lose in the quarters as for chelsea very strong semis at least and finally man u not a european team never do good in it in recent years bt maybe luck will change this year but to me very unlikely

    • Don't be silly man.... Think twice before writing...Liverpool is a good team i do agree with you, but with the way that they play,they will not go too far this season, as well in the championship!!!I know the championship is not as important as champion's league, but remind me when did liverpool last get it??? I think it will be Chelsea and Manchester who will be more consistent in the champion's league.If ever Chelsea and Manchester leave the championship and only concentrate on the champion's league as Liverpool had done these last years...Liverpool who???

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      • do you even know anything about football manchester utd and chelsea have never been good european teams liverpool have reached the final twice in 3 years and your saying they wont go far this year even though they have an even stronger team this time round your the one who wants to think before he writes, dumbass

      • Well funny u say that but who did LFC knock out to play Inter Milan? Barcalona right? and who did Barcelona beat? Man Utd so by that reckoning LFC are a better European side than Man Utd are.. Man Utd are better suited to the prem (or were last season.. than LFC) but LFC have proved they play consitiently better than Man Utd do in Europe.. the facts speak for themselves!!!

        I just hope LFC can get better than 3rd this season..

      • what are talking about liverpool will win champion league this year just chavs and mancs remember we have won five times

      • Ohhh Sandrine it's you who have to think twice before you write .... when was the last time manu or chelsea get into the final of the championleague ??? so making as if you don't know what is Liverpool FC i can tell you ....18 times england champion ... and you know what's the star up on the liverpool logo shirt if not please make a search on the net or ask someone .... And if you are going to reply to me and talk about the Premierleague compare to manu and chelsea why we don't win any Premiership title so you should compare the manu and chelsea's squad to liverpool one.

      • 2 champions league finals in 3 years, Putting out Chelski as well, Liverpool now have a better side, think they can bring the european cup back home to Anfield again.Man Utd will once again get quite far but not the final, Ferguson has been at Man Utd for 20 years or so and has won 1 eurpean cup, Benitez has been there 4 years wpn it once and got to the Final ( having less money for players), onto chelsea 100,s of millions spent and no european cup. The league is important but the champions league is the premier competition against the best teams and Liverpool have done what Man U and Chelsea couldnt.

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