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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 6, 2007 22:31 Flag

    Champions League 3rd qualifying round

    Sandrine you must be one of these so called Mancs that only get to watch S****.
    When are you'se lot going to wake up,Liverpool is the most sucessful English club ever.When is your lot going to win all the trophys we have won?
    Maybe you would like to come down to our trophy room one day and see what 5 European cups and 18 league trophys is like!
    We'll win win the league and the Champions league this season and maybe throw in the F.A Cup aswell.

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    • LIVERPOOL???cheating scousers that jumped on the wagon to deny the REAL mersyside team that should have been in europe...EVERTON, not that i'm a particular fan of them either, all just part of the over-hyped, over-paid , and VASTLY over-rated english clubs, i was SO happy when a.c. milan stuffed those gobby scousers. lol!
      they were by far the better team anyway.