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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2007 00:21 Flag

    Champions League Draw

    I think the clubs who perform relatively poor in their league tend to perform better in the Champions League . These teams can afford to rest their key players for such matches and as such have an advantage over a team who may be fighting for league title who need to play their key player every week . Liverpool and Milan were the clubs who played the Champions League Final and they managed it because they could rest some players for Champions League due to poor position in the League whereas a Club like Manchester United , Barcelona , Chelsea suffered in the CL because they could not afford to rest their key players for the League .

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    • Well, I believe that your opinion is very simplistic and naive.
      First of all, and concerning last season, Milan had an excellent performance in the Serie A as well as in the CL after the winter break. Milan's fourth overall position is due to the bad performance at the beginning of the Italian league as well as the 8-point deduction. Moreover, when Milan won the Champions league against Juve, they were so close to winning the Scudetto as well.
      Just so you won't think I am taking sides with Milan, how about Barcelona the previous year? Manchester United and the treble... just to name a few!

    • Sorry but have to disagree with you here,the three teams you mentioned have huge squads ,there reserve teams could hold there own in the same league as they are playing in. The fact they failed to progress was there were teams out there who give 100% every game. The three teams you mentioned are full of (SUPER STARS). these guys need to remember its a team effort and not individual shows that counts.I think the likes of Chelsea and Barca will again fail in the champions league .I would again predict Liverpool and Arsenal to progress further.You look at the likes of Rosenborg who have qualified for champions league almost every year for the past 8 years,these guys are usually win the Norwegian league or come in the top 3, put these guys up against the best teams in Europe and they give 100%+ because they dont walk out there thinking they are the dogs bollocks.

    • Hello Mohammed,

      You think Liverpool rested its players to win the Champion League. Well that's probably a tactic for Man U if you ask a Sheffiled United's fan. That's probably a tactic for Chelsea's fans who find all the excuses to justify their failures. Beating Barca, Chelsea and Man U require careful planning and the Reds knows exactly how to do that. Learn dude.

    • Meaning Liverpool will win this year CL? Because we have virtually 2 teams playing in all competitions at the moment. : )

    • The winner will be MANCHESTER UNITED

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