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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Feb 21, 2008 18:02 Flag

    To all Man U fans

    We drew against Lyon which is not a bad thing but they are a really gd team.Everybody under-estimated them.They've got 2 real gd talents in Benzema n Ben Arfa.I'm surprised Alain Perrin didn't play Ben Arfa from the start.Don't forget their keeper.I think he's better than van der saar currently.

    What i want to know from u guys is that whether u think we could win the champions league.I'm not too sure abt that.We r a huge 5 points behind Arsenal.Do u think we could realisticly overcome them n become champions yet again?

    For me the only comepetition which we have a better chance of winning is the F.A. Cup

    Let's hv ur say on all these competitions Man U are still in

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    • united had Kuscack in goals in the fa cup and so and so what does he do? make a complete donkeys BUTT of it! And goes and gets himself sent off .
      Hopefully we can overcome arsenal and win the premiership beacause its still possible right? RIGHT???
      I hope we get fenerbache or shalke 04 in the champions league i we dont get an eazy team then we're sunk i tell you SUNK!!!!!!!!!

    • Look at the foreign teams that have made it through so far to the last 8 in the champions league! with the exception of Barcelona the other 3 teams arn't particularly tems to be feared.
      I assume there will be four english clubs in the competition as don't see milan as being able to come back from a 2-0 deficit!
      so yeah in tht competition pretty good chance!

      FA cup ! well portsmouth are a tough team! i think we can win tht quarter final match! tho we'll probably end up with west brom in the semis! an end up with a tough final against chelsea!
      an i wouldnt want a repeat of last year! :/

      I believe we have a good chance in the premiership! Arsenal seem to be underperforming lately , but we need to be wary of chelsea!

      i reckon we'll get champions league an prem tbh

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      • Wishful thinking...

        No way Manutd will win the CL, they always underperform in that recently, they scraped past Lyon (who are NOT good, seriously, stop saying they are good to justify you barely beating them, they are NOT good).

        Barcelona/Arsenal/Roma are currently too good for manutd I think based on for IN EUROPE>

        Now, in the premier league, yes, manutd have mad up the deficit, but 4 weeks ago they were winning, then it jumped to Arsenal winning by 5 points. Its very tight at the top, and manutd wont finish season without another loss.

        I can see Arsenal beating them at OT, because they will lift for the occasion just like in San Siro, and anyways, they did it last year, and have gotten so much better since.

    • im a huge fan of man u.i think it's early to give comment for champions.now it's only one point to arsenal and they qualified for the last 8.i believe manu would get one of those.

    • bro, i want to state and advice here that we (all united fans) should believe in our team. the fact that gunners are ahead doesn't guarantee them the league title. we are claiming the league title and the f.a this season, we have a good squad who have been playing so well this season.kudos to sir alex.if we keep this form, i bet you we will even win the uefa champions league. if this same team had played milan last season it would have been a different story for milan. united please believe in your team. up man u!

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      • i dont just believe man u will win the prem and champs league i am 100% sure!this is our season and if we dont win it now we might not again for some time.we have all the players we need with all the ability so its up to them now.c'mon the reds!!!

      • You're absolutely right !
        Manchester overall is better than Arsenal now.
        As for the Champion's League, if both teams play their game, Manchester should win...
        As a French fan, I think Lyon missed the chance to take an advantage in the first match, and they should have win it, 'cause the devils were good but not that impressive in the away matches this season.

        Manchester not winning at Old Trafford tonight ? I doubt it very much (it is painful to write this, yes it is)

    • as a Lyon's fan, i think Perrin is very weird or "mindless". yesterday MU didnt play well at all then it was possible for OL to beat MU kinda "easily" (no offense at all for MU fans) but this coach is unbelievable...instead of Ben Arfa we saw Clerc who's a formal defender...what the ****??? Perrin seems not to like to win or something. in my opinion, Lyon's weakness is not the players but the coach whos probably a Domenech's friend. you guys shouldnt fear Lyon for the second match, honnestly...except if Ben Arfa plays and Perrin is fired tomorrow.
      MU rules, u have a great team and a Great coach!