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  • Erik Hartberg Erik Hartberg Mar 14, 2008 19:30 Flag

    Champions League Quarter Finals

    First things first, the draw in full:

    Arsenal vs Liverpool
    Roma vs Manchester United
    Schalke vs Barcelona
    Fenerbahce vs Chelsea

    There's absolutely no question about what the highlight for fans of English football will be but how will this all pan out? Who will win the Champions League?

    The Semis will see Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea and Schalke/Barcelona v Roma/Manchester United.

    Who's going to make it through to the final?

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    • You know, when I read the sort of inane drivel that you have posted today I feel embarrassed to be associated with Liverpool Football Club. What has Liverpool actually acheived during the past 5 years. An FA cup win on penalties against West Ham United, and a Champions League win on penalties against AC Milan. We could have easily ended up losing both those finals, indeed in both games we were not even the better side. So I say to all Liverpool supporters; get a reality check! Yes we beat Real Madrid and Manchester United in the same week, but we caught both of them on an absolute off day. Are Liverpool good enough to win the Premier League? I think not. Are Liverpool good enough to beat Chelsea? maybe, but not definately. So lets not get ahead of ourselves, we don't want to sound like a bunch of little up-starts do we. Wait until we have actually won something before you start bragging. Liverpool have not won the league since 1990 for god's sake, that's 19 years ago!

    • Chris you really must be the dumbest person i've come across in a long time. If you said this things in a pub you'd get ur teeth knocked out .....by me!! You think Arsenal and Chelsea are better teams than Liverpool>>>>>> wake up , anyone who knows anything about football would know that Lpool are the last team you wanna meet in Europe because of the pace and passion they play with.
      And you think that if they were to meet Utd in the final that Liverpool wouldn't thrash them AGAIN , take a trip down to your local Supermarket and buy a big jar of coffee and SMELL IT!!!!

      Utd have got the easiest draw by a mile AGAIN whereas if Lpool can make it past the toughest team (Barcelona , in case your littlebrain hasn't worked it out yet) then NO ONE will stop them . FACT FACT FACT. And i'm not a Liverpool Fan I just happen to know how to count to ten , which makes me far superior in intelligence to you. Hope the big words didn't confuse you .... you #$%$

    • LOL, you do know that Riise is not the first player to conceed an own goal in CL history. Yes he's probably gutted but YOU now have the tricky problem of not conceeding an away goal or two. Don't count your chickens yet, the goal gave you a slight advantage, but its only slight.

    • I meant 'disappointment'. Least I could do is spell it right!!!

    • Leg 1 of the semi-final between Chelsea and Liverpool was boring as hell. However boring, it's the number of goals that hit the back of the neck which count. Thanks to Liverpool's Riise, (cheers mate!!) Chelsea has a headstart in the 2nd leg at Stamford Bridge next week. I'm confident that Chelsea will beat the Reds, no problem. Liverpool fans shout the loudest and make the most annoying noise but what good is that when the team are scoring own goals?! A bit of a let down I would imagine. I've seen better play in my son's football team at school.

      Good luck Liverpool fans, you'll need it. Disappointemnt is not far away!!! LOL

    • chelsea is gonna win
      dey're gonna beat fenerbahce 3-0 at home n face liverpool onlii 2 beat dem 1-0 on agg.
      den we're gonna verse schalke in da final

    • What happened to Chelsea? Do you still think that we were lucky? Do you know that Kazim, the first goal scorer is from Turkish Cyprus?

    • i think it is going to be arsenal vs man utd....i really would not like to meet man u again but i believe that is what the boys will have to overcome

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      • Hey its gonna be a bad day 4 ManU & Chelsea 2day. I swear they wld be booted out & the semis would have Barca, Arsenal, Fernabache & Roma. As 4 Ronaldo (ManU), he is more of an athlete than a soccer player, he won't even have one shot on target
        ARSENAL would be the European champions, whoever disagrees with me should come & see me
        VIVA ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liverpool won't win the Champions League - they have to play two all English ties, assuming Chelsea can beat Fenerbahce (which isn't much of an assumption) and Arsenal and Chelsea are both better teams than Liverpool, the league table is pretty good testiment to that.

      Furthermore key to Liverpool's success in the Champions league, and in both the previous Chelsea ties, is having the crucial second match match at Anfield - this time, they will play the semi-final second leg at the Bridge.

      So all in all not a good draw for Liverpool - and if you want the icing on the cake - Man Utd would beat them in the final even if they did make it.

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