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  • madjonny madjonny Apr 3, 2008 04:46 Flag

    Avram Grant is totally clueless.....

    As a Chelsea fan, we replace a world class manager with an unknown, unqualified, uninspiring chancer. I really do believe the reason for any Chelsea success this year will be down to the Players rather than the coach. Having just witnessed Grant replace Lampard for Mikel, when we need a goal is just beyonfd belief, to top it all take off Joe Cole and leave on defensive midfielders, Makelele and Mikel, with Essien at right back. Why do we have Ferriera and Belletti?? Grants a joke, he must go.

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    • avram grant is a pleb he does not know his ass from his elbow, let alone a top premier league club like chelsea bring back jose i say!!!!!!

    • Clue he might have, persipiration 100, inspiration 0!

    • It's too early to pass judgement on Avram. Any coach taking on a post with an already successful team is in a difficult situation, some would say no-win. The fact however, demonstrated over and over again is that the successful team will continue to function successfully under any new coach for a period of time, at least one season. It is after that that the influence of the new person, good or bad will start to be seen. So for the moment all is OK for Chelsea and Avram but ask this question again in say twelve months time. That is when you'll actually know if he is doing well or not.

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      • It is already long enough to know that the man does pretty well. The books don't lie. His percentage is better than Jose had ever have with CFC. He is in the semis and with a good chance at the Primiership title after starting seven points down (with the same team lead by the Special One...)
        The chances of being now trailing Liverpool and maybe Everton and even Portsmouth with Jose were greater than being where Chelsea is positioned now.

    • I would say that it is YOU that is totally clueless!

      Have you seen the premiere league table recently?

      Do you remember where Chelsea were when he took over?

      Do think scoring an away goal in the quarter finals of the Champions League is insignificant?

      Wake up my friend,... this man needs a chance,.. this is his 1st season.

      Look at how the Arsenal board treat Wenger,.. he can go a couple of season's without winning anything and he still get the support of the board and the fan's. I suggest you sit tight, and give this guy some time,... Chelsea have no god given right to be winner's.

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      • Well Wengers been fantastic recently, lets sit tight and win nothing for three years!

        Brilliant! You must be easily pleased. Football for the big teams and their support is about success, trophies and passion. It would be a clueless fan who suggested otherwise.

      • Well said WOZ, I think people are very selfish hereby. They are all jumping when Chelsea wins and don't give a chance to the Manager Avram Grant when things are hard. That is very disappointing for fans of such a big team. People were praising Capello when he came but what? he lost his away game that makes it 50%. Avram Grant has won more than 50% of his games (if not TOO MUCH above the average). THAT IS SICKENING. I would rather support a team like Arsenal where people bear the pain with the players.