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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 9, 2008 09:23 Flag

    Is the champions league fixed?

    No , poor demented little waif , Michael D , the champions League is not FIXED. But what a shame that your mother and father hadn't have been FIXED , so that we wouldn't have to put up with your blubbering inane commentary. If only your parents hadn't have had stupid whiny little mongoloid goofs like you , then this board would concentrate on real topics and not on the ranting diatribe of a halfwits like yourself. You are NOT neutral.......you are an IDIOT.

    Carry on ......Bozo.

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    • Thanks for your view on it, its good to get input from all sides. Im a little disappointed that you had to get offensive about it. I must say your little rant is very lame, attacking someones parents that you have never met is piss poor. Yet another "big man" when in front of his keyboard, but I must say im glad you found somewhere vent your anger instead of going out stabbing people or whatever it is you usually do.

    • I've come to the conclusion that some matches can be fixed especially during the first round when a team in need of points can bribe another which is already eliminated for the second round. I remember a game that took place between Marseilles and a Moscow Team (Dynamo or Spartak) which took place more that 10 years ago when Bernard Tapie was chairing the French team. Marseille needed to win by at least 4-0 while the Moscow team was bottom of the table and already out of the tournament. Finally, Marseilles won 6-0. What amazed me that night was that the Moscow players, event the forwards, were giving the ball away too easily, even missing 5-metre passes. We all know afterward that Marseilles was involved in a math-fixing scandal in the French league and was demoted. I have always thought that the math against Moscow was also fixed.

    • hmm shocking though but guess what ? were you abusing yourself or someone in your family ? because you show all the traits of what you just abused. BONE HEAD. if you read your name backwards you will understand what I mean