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  • Liverpool1!! Liverpool1!! Apr 17, 2008 16:13 Flag

    Champions League Semi.

    Hu will come off better, will Liverpool Keep up the amazing football or will Chelsea put a stop to it?

    Will Barca finsh off Man Uniteds hopes or will The Red Devils take out the Spanish Masters?

    I say its a Liverpool vs Man U final and what a brilliant game it will be in Moscow.
    I think tthere is a 6th place for a gold Star on my Liverpool shirt.!!!

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    • Somebody bought tickets for the final???I want to know,how much is it??And who will go to Moscow??
      I'M SORRY for the no theme reply.

    • Somebody bought tickets for the final???I want to know,how much is it??And who will go to Moscow??
      I'M SORRY for the no theme reply.

    • Chelsea are in the final...yes! Read it and weep Liverpool. You guys played a good game and made Chelsea work for it. Benitez decisions about bringing Torres off and not playing Crouch were major errors and Liverpool payed for those errors.

      Benitez slagging off Drogba, spurred Drogba on. Bad timing Benitez. Frank Lampard, man of the match for me. He's a seriously professional player at a time when he must be feeling absolute heartache. Big respect.

      Avram has done a great job where Jose couldn't and I hope Chelsea win the final. They deserve it.
      Benitez should learn that it is not professional to slag off opposing team players not publicly. Chelsea is world class and the results are shown in the management and players perfomance. If he put as much effort into playing his best players and concentrating on tactics instead of spending his time worrying about what Drogba is doing, maybe Benitez wouldn't have taken his eye off the ball, not very professional.

      Come on you blues!!!!!!!

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      • Thanks Anita. Let them cry we don't care. We are going to beat Man U in Moscow.

        Chelsea is great

        Chelsea 2 - 1 Arsenal

        Chelsea 2 - 1 Man U

        Chelsea 3 - 2 Liverpool

        Good records.

        I am proud to be a supporter of Chelsea

      • Anita....

        Firstly Torres came off due to a hamstring strain. Babel came on and scored.

        As for Lampard.......MOM, do me a favour. He put away a pen, he always takes the pens, he did little else in the game. I know all the bravery he showed to go and and play was always going to be the story, but in truth Drog was your best player. He wasn't spurred on by those comments, are u saying he wouldn't have put in that performance otherwise?

        I think you are getting sucked in by the media hype.

        The sad thing for Chelsea fans is Drogba won't be there next season, and the real reason he performs on the big stage is the fact he's after a 'Real Madrid type club' to come and break the bank to sign him.

        I agree the comments from Beni weren't professional and that they were out of order. I think it's more down to the way Drog reacts when he's fouled......dying Swan etc! Even the most hardened Che fan must admit that? Or have you all forgotten when you booed him early in his career for those antics? (selective memories)

        As for the manager, i think Grant is a lucky manager......Mourinho was a world class manager who didn't have the luck in the semis he played. You can't even place Grant in his category. This is 99% Mourinho's team+some luck.

        Key points:
        *The own goal
        *Aurelio injured
        *Skrtel injured
        *Kalou offside
        *Hyypia pen not given

        Just a few points which went Chelsea's way over the two legs.

        Chelsea deserved to go through over the two legs as they took their chances.

        Getting to the final is a massive achievement for any club, but getting there means nothing is you don't win. You lost the Carling Cup final, you are second in the league.......just remember you could still end up empty handed come the end of the season.

        In Rafa we Trust

    • Wot do you prefer? getting bent over your father lap while ur uncle juices u up?

    • It looks like Liverpool will make it again, but, yet again, with a little help from their friend, the ref, as they did with Inter and Arsenal...I'm sure it is just a coincidence, what else could it be?

    • As a Chelsea supporter, I see Liverpool winning over the two legs. 2-1 at Anfield and a 1-1 draw at the bridge are my predictions. Liverpool are awesome when the chips are down in Europe. I don't think however you will get your sixth star.

      I think Man.Utd will be too strong over two legs against an off form Barca, and will beat Liverpool comfortably in the final. 3-1