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  • madjonnyg madjonnyg Apr 18, 2008 01:37 Flag

    Champions League Semi.

    As a Chelsea supporter, I see Liverpool winning over the two legs. 2-1 at Anfield and a 1-1 draw at the bridge are my predictions. Liverpool are awesome when the chips are down in Europe. I don't think however you will get your sixth star.

    I think Man.Utd will be too strong over two legs against an off form Barca, and will beat Liverpool comfortably in the final. 3-1

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    • wot a 4kin supporter u r.nice out look,i bet your 1 of the cunts have only just started supporting chelsea who doesnt sing at the ground.the trouble with chelsea is cunts like you

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      • Actually, lifelong fan who worked on Chelseas community coaching staff for 4 years. Just giving an opinion, I might be wrong, your just too ******** stupid to realise that. Your the type of Chelsea fan that gives the rest of us a bad name, the mindless moron who doesn't give credit where its due.....to be honest mate you should grow up a little. My opinion comes from being a qualified coach and playing semi pro football and having been coached by some of the best around. You have a think about that.....keep up the singing!

    • We are taking Chelsea out again. It's unfortunate we won't meet Man U after a humiliating defeat by Barca. Barca will be stronger on this semi but won't match our form on the final.

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      • I can see 2007 simi final is rolling back again 3 english teams and the forth either Italian or spanish to pinch the trophy and leave you dreaming who is going to be champion next season...L'pool or manU??? with my full respect to ROONY he's great player.

        hahaha keep talking englishmen one day your dreams will come true cu in mosco

    • yes well done., most people change sides every year to suit the best team at the time, Man U vs Liverpool final, go to penalties!

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      • Manchester fans what you saw is a preview of what is going to happen on your own ground. 72% possession for Barca, that's embarrassing. you were even given a penalty to start with. Barca will beat you second leg. They are not intimidated by your shoots, they will take booes for encouragement and beat you. Yaya Toure, Henri and Messi. Who said Ronaldo was the best? where was he? Looser. That is where we want to see players, not against Derby.