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  • El_Campeador El_Campeador Jul 7, 2005 00:18 Flag

    Serious Suggestions

    We've been playing haardcore since this game first came out, and we thought last year was a flop for the following reasons, which can be improved:

    1. The player search functionality was terrible. Fix it.
    2. The form graphs disappeared last year, so it was harder to tell who was doing what the last couple weeks. To research, you'd have to pick a player who hopefully someone in your league had and then starting going back week after week to find out how he did. Otherwise all you had was an average (misleading) and a total (no form) to go by.
    3. Make every week start on Saturday and end on Saturday. It's very difficult to plan on midweek games.
    4. This whole locking business took 80% of the fun out of the game, because you couldn't search other players *while your were watching games on the weekend*. It forced me to manage my team on weekdays. I'd rather search through players when relaxing on my couch watching footy on Saturday.
    5. Correlate performance to value changes more accurately. There were times when a striker would get 20 points and barely move, while a defender would hit the stratosphere in value for getting 10 points. Points are points.

    Basically, bring back the old game and fire the dude who came up with last year's version.

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