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  • sean sean Jul 12, 2005 00:34 Flag

    Please respond to planned changes

    All the changes sound very very good - a real return to form.

    I wonder if something needs to be done about the fixtures. There is a lot of confusion when games get moved last minute and its always been a grey area whether or not we should players in for the weeks they ACTUALLY play in, or the weeks when they were LISTED as playing.

    Is there a way round this - maybe just list the fixtures of that week and next, so we can plan ahead but not get caught out with some teams having 2 games and others having none?


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    • Good point on weekly game changes as this is especially important if playing in eviction type leagues based on weekly score. Need to somehow if team is sheduled to play and must reschedule the date, use the rescheduled game for points scored. But I know this is a problem with weekly leagues using only the point total for week by each manager to nominate wins, evictions, etc. Need to keep it simple, so not locking out the players before a game is probably the best solution so that you can change a specific player before kickoff and not an arbitrary time of midnight on Friday or whatever.
      My two cents but keep it simple as possible. Thanks for allowing the input.

      Kyle RTTB