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  • nezbot nezbot Jul 12, 2005 03:33 Flag

    Please respond to planned changes

    It was just a suggestion, (the draft and one team ownership of players) and clearly people are agains it. Fair enough, I can totally understand that.

    As I said before, all the other planned changes sounds good, and I look forward to seeing them implemented.

    The defensive midfielder situation worries me a bit, though. While I like Viera and Makelele a great deal, and there's no doubt about their value to their respective clubs, the fact is these guys don't give that value to their clubs via stats. Every team in every sport in the world has guys on the squad who help the team in ways you can't find in a box score. I just fear trying to increase these players point values is going to skew things awkwardly, and have a negative effect on other players' points.

    One man's opinion.

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    • Don't abandon the draft idea just yet. I think it would be a crucial step towards truly improving the format of the league. If there is substantial opposition to the idea, then Yahoo should creat an option during the "create a league" phase which allows you to draft or to exclude that possibility.

      I think the argument that a draft would keep people from having fun is bunk. Everyone having many if not most of the same people keeps people from having fun.

      A problem with the draft, however, would be its relation to the salary cap. The cap would have to be altered or all-together eliminated if Yahoo were to institute a draft.

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      • The draft idea doesnt work for several reasons, and is rightfully criticised in my opinion.

        1. Drafts do not exist in the Premier League at all, so it seems pretty ridiculous to implement them in the fantasy game.

        2. Drafts kill the whole salary component of the game and would cause numerous problems.

        3. Group sizes would no longer be able to contain 50 managers as this simply would not be sustainable with Premier League players (even groups of 20 would be pushing it)

        4. You would not be able to have an accurate overall top 50.

        5. Unless you culled group sizes down to about 8-12 teams, there will not be sufficient players to trade to get into your team.

        What you are asking is essentially to play a different game. I think you will find that a draft idea would make teams very static and that the vast majority of people will be against the such an idea. There are other fantasy sports you can play that have drafts, but what you are asking kills yahoo fantasy football as we know it.