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  • Vs Vs Jul 15, 2005 00:08 Flag

    Please respond to planned changes

    good stuff thefirstharry.

    i agree that yff is the best. re: your points:

    1) i think they've agreed to fix the penalty goal scoring somewhere in this thread.
    2) yeah, winning a penalty should count for something, definitely. i think yours is the first time i've seen anyone bring it up here...
    5) they've said they plan to recategorise some players (specifically ronaldo)
    7) i totally agree re passes completed, particularly as these have been shown to be statistically linked to winning (unlike shots off target and tackles won
    9) you're in a small minority here, but i know what you mean. i've favoured a return of the 100 unit cap, but no cap might actually be more fun, with the luxury of swapping all 11 players any given week. some might say this leads to homogeneity among teams, which is true, but the best managers still rise to the top. i *should* change my "vote", as i did alot better last season than 03/04, but i think it's a fait accompli.

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    • Thanks johnstrauss1

      Re the 100 unit cap - actually not against this, but like I said in my first message, it's all about the valuation. Personally I thought it didn't work all that well in the season before last because of the glitches - everyone who got Henry during one of the freak low points got such a huge advantage over everybody else I just think it wasn't fair. Also what happened was prices of good players went up a bit too high so you couldn't even exchange good players (which you'd managed to buy cheap) for them... with the result that if you missed or glitch or had a bad week it was very difficult to catch up with your rivals.

      Overall I think net result is high salary caps work if there's high inflation of player values, and low salary caps work if there's low inflation.... so - please Yahoo - if the 100 cap is a fait accompli - please ensure that the algorithm for player values doesn't cause high inflation....