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  • marc marc Aug 13, 2007 16:46 Flag


    Lehman makes a mistake and why should he get 13 points?

    Something is NOT in place properly to deal with these incidents... I am an Arsenal supporter but he was clearly the WORST keeper during Week 1...

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    • Marz, look at it this way- without the mistake, he scores 21 points. (five more for clean sheet and doesn't lose three for giving up a goal)

      The mistake cost him eight points, so his total did suffer. Remember also that keepers get four points just for being on the winning team.

      It's a statistical game. The best players aren't always best for fantasy games, and vice versa.

    • The reason Lehmann scored 13pts is quite clear - and is explained in the rules. How can you hope to play a game successfully without checking the scoring rules first?
      There is no points scoring section entitled "muffed clearance" - hence it counts as one goal against, same as any other goal.
      One of the reasons this game is popular is because unlike other games it relies solely on stats, not subjective opinion.

    • Am I missing something?
      Lehman let in a goal and was deducted 3pts, however he saved 6 shots and was awarded 12 pts plus 4pts for his teams win.
      He therefore receives a well deserved 13 pts.

    • yes you´re right, i´am suprised, and with Dirk Kuyt as well, he´ve got -0,5 and was the best player of the match. Is it ok?

    • Thought i'd reply as this is only non "join my group if......." message.

      How could you judge a mistake to deduct points though?
      So what if a striker scored a hat trick with only 3 chances but another scored 1 goal but had 9 SOT's. Surely the first striker is better but the second would get more points.

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      • Defenders who score an OG lose points, no?

        Keepers that cannot clear a backpass should not have 13 points! If Lehman was on your roster than you wouldn't mind.

        You are correct about the striker tally.. On Target shots mean something and can tally more than actual goals.
        Maybe, there are some changes that need to be implemented?

        thanks for listening.. and why are so many people making teams.. just join one of the 1,00000000's