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    micks not messing about

    micks not taking any prisoners hes shipped Leon Clarke out despite the fact we are short on goal scorers he was stupid to himself he was big enough to have made the grade and old enough to have made the grade by now get young hungry players thats what
    Reading did perhaps if they didnt listen to the golden #$%$ warnings now finally a manager who expects sweat AT LAST

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    • i was equally pessimistic and groaned when mick m got he job weve had so many managers who floundered in footballs marie celeste dour dire centre half fotball thirty years behind chelsea man u etc I ADMIT I WAS 100 % wrong lets bite fight kick scratch win on penalties get the players back a fortnight early ambush the premier and get 30 points before they suss us out

    • Well anyone who says they knew we would at least make the play offs is just flat out lying
      I looked at the team mick took over and said if we finnish 15 i'll be inpressed but DAM were good and it had to be the baggies no one else would do to be honest i think another season here will do us good but going to the new WEMBLY that would be ok for the team that was gonna finnish 15 th

    • Well played you Wolves. I'm a Blues fan but you played well on Sunday and deserved something from the game. The ref wasn't a Wolves or Blues fan thats for sure. Don't think he knew what planet he was on! Play like that in the playoffs and it's yours for the taking. See you up there next season.

    • Nowt going on at the Moll xcept a good feel factor.First time for a long time I can think of when the Wolves get a bollocking at home the crowd stay behind the side and the manager,a draw is usually enough to get the hecklers up and running.Micks not messing and neither are the players,the play offs will be an adventure if we get there,we have got such a great bunch of young players coming throught the ranks plus realy spot on signings that are not prem has beens but so much up for a fight in the right sense of the word.Always a Wolves fan[45 years] and have never been prouder than this year given the circs.Mick keep up the Irish and Welsh connections.We are Wolves.C'mon my Babbies.

    • hi wots going pearshaped at the molly plus crisis means ive seen no press nutty fucking woman trouble i need an exorcist or fucking ghost busters get me a priest

    • well this is the biggest test to date it should be the best for years we need luck and a good pitch its been acrazy crisisweek girlfriend has a drink problem the slightest amount of booze and the its aweek long binge she takes antibuse but then has to kickoff and therre always has to be a big drama scene this time a swat team burst into the kitchen expecting to have to use tasars.It was only so they would throw her out and she could go on the razzle it does my head in but i keep having her back as the up side of her personality is A! great what TV radio coverage is there if she was normal i could have bought a ticket and gone.Anyway I hope the lads play there hearts out asthats whats neededin the premiership

    • ive searched and info about proposed takeover seems thin on the ground also what other bids there are in or being formulated, but have a good weekend anyway "come on you wolves"

    • yes #$%$ off ive just had sky sports back in i cut my nose off to spite my face by saying look im not that bothered about tv to save arguements take the sports out and have more movies we did and i dont think we watched more than three decent movies in acouple of months but i did miss the cricket people moan about too much ffotball on tv but unless you have blues or man u tv there seems less thn five years ago.If we can get aresult against the baggies with a skeleton squad it could be the impetus to our season we need

    • #$%$ weve got to meet that lot with half our team cup tied or injured and they have got Hartson et al back.sounds like the bid will either have to be increased or wait for a better one arab oil shieks are like coppers you can never find one when you need one .If we get a good result the lads will have done well if we get a doing its televised.i may be wrong but wouldnt trust souness as far as i could throw him

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