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    Visiting Wolverhampton & Molineux

    Hey everyone,

    I'm from Canada and am visiting Wolverhampton this coming September. I have been following Wolves from across the Atlantic and am excited to finally get a chance to go to a match.

    It's tough over here, since we only get Premiership games. The only time I even get to see a team from another division is if they play a Premier League team in a televised FA Cup game!

    Anyway, I was wondering if you lads have any tips for a travelling fan...local pubs, places to buy Wolves gear, games to avoid, etc...

    How are ticket prices? Does Molineux sell-out often?

    Any information you guys can provide is greatly appreciated!

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    • Hi Sindarin72
      Try and get tickets behind one of the goals - preferably the South Bank (Jack Harris)- thats where the atmosphere is albeit not the best view. Ticket price is in the region of £20 quid.
      If you want to drink in a more affable environment you can't go wrong with The Clarendon pub in Chapel Ash - the beer is piped straight in from Banks's brewery behind the pub!
      Ignore the numb nut from West Brom they'll be knackered next season without Dio"panzy" Kamara - he's off somewhere where the Avon lady ain't Charles Bronson, Rottweilers don't have to walk around in pairs and ther's no in-breeding going on!

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      • Hahahaha...so that guy was a WBA supporter, eh?

        Sorry for the tardy reply. Thanks alot for the tips on the pub. Looks like I got some work ahead of me in choosing.

        20 quid is about 40 Canadian dollars. That's a DEAL! I think tickets to see our new football team here (Toronto FC...with Welshman Carl Robinson) will cost more than that!!

        I'd choose Wolves any day. Hopefully I can score tix, seeing as they are in the running for promotion for next season.

        Go Wolves!

    • Hi m8, the best place to buy Wolves merchandise is at the club shop located at the end of the ground. It is open at least 6 days a week and on matchday evenings. There are a few pubs local to the ground, one of the main ones is called the goalposts . Not that often Molineux has sold out this season so tickets shouldnt be a porblem m8.

    • You poor sod, fancy living in Canada and wanting to see the dingles!

      Dingleland is only sold out when we are in town!
      Place to buy dingle gear - car boot sale should provide you with everything you want!

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        The Southbank!

        Wanderers till i die,
        Im wanderers till i die,
        Im Gold and Black,
        W**t B**m are #$%$
        Im wanderers till i die!


      • Excellent...:) Thanks man! Yeah, football choices are pretty slim over here. Although, I think we'll have the (dubious) honour of hosting David Beckham's debut game for his new team, when the L.A. Galaxy come here to play our new Toronto FC.

        Other than that, as I said I'm stuck watching games from the Premiership. I did catch some of the FA cup ties, though, so I was able to see some teams from the other levels for once.

        Anyway, thanks for the info!