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  • Now one win in nine. Seven point lead now cut to three.........Prooves my point (you spaz)

    Birmingham will be Champions, Reading runners up..

    Enjoy the play offs.

    McCarthy OUT !!!

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    • Absolutely right. Read my previous messages a month ago I said that Wolves would be off the top by Feb, it may be earlier.
      No fight, no bottle, no one even able to do anything from a dead ball situation, cornbers free kicks, useless. No service to the front two. Whats happened to these wing wonders, they can't even cross the ball into the danger area.
      I can't see us winning another game this season. I bet Dave Jones is laughing up his sleeve. Cardiff will turn us over big style on Sat.
      Play Offs here we come and wait for the excuses from Moxey, still ther's always next season look forward to the tesco bags.

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      • 06/03/09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        We are still TOP and 3 points clear.
        I can't see Brum or Reading knocking us off cause no one including US want to win the championship.
        Ok Wolves haven't been playing their best but this is the positon many Wolves fans have wanted for years.
        Its time too get behind OUR team and push them on, cause this is OUR year its in OUR hands and unlike years gone by we aren't hoping for teams to slip up.


        As for games in hand i would prefer to have points in the bag!