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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 7, 2009 22:36 Flag

    Quiet Wolves message boards??

    It wouldnt be the first time the dingles have blown up would it, ?
    Last night was game about who wanted it, and Wolves proved they didn't have what it takes when the pressure is on.

    Clench them arse cheeks....getting very squeaky !!

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    • Your right about squeeky bum time Sheff Utd won last night and are closer to your lot than us LOL
      I've been through this all before and will no doubt go through it again but you know what i wouldn't change a thing!!
      And i guess you wouldn't either thats the loyality of "true" fans and not the " jump on the bandwagon cause my team are top or cause its a big match " brigade....
      Wolves weren't given any chance of promotion this season and still we sit in prime position...
      Blues were given what???? steamroller evryone and be top all season??? LOL!!!!!
      According to the "experts" it was done and dustied before the start of the season!!!
      Football " its a funny ol' game "

    • i dare not have a balti