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    Wolves v Man U.

    The "outrage" concerning the weak team put out by McCarthy is unwarranted. Do the Wolves fans seriously believe that any Wolves team was going to beat Man U ? McCarthy now has his first 11 fully rested and without any further injuries for the "Winable" game against Burnley. OK, talk of integrity etc etc , that will never get you 3 points in your next match. AND how come it is OK and fine for the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and famously Man U to send out a team of unknowns ? AND not have to answer to the FA. If Wolves fans want to be upset then do so at the injustice done to your club in having to explain away what other "fashionable" teams do not have to do !!!!!

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    • Did Portsmouth have to rest 10 of their players befor beating them 3-0 no. They decided to have a go and it payed off. No one will ever beat Man U if they don't try. Surrender is not acceptable and I never thought I would see a Wolves team do that. I beleive that Steve Morgan also beleives that, why hasn't he come out and defended MM. Morgan would not be whare he ios today if he were a quitter!!


    • i have been a loyal wolves fan for fifty years plus.the message the manager is giving out is he's scared of the big clubs .if thats his thinking we hav'nt a chance this season or any other.i don't altogether blame him for what happend the other night ,but it must be embarasing.i would they sooner go down fighting than like this.

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      • I respect your views but hope you do not "Go down" I am not a Wolves fan BUT, if the FA seek to punish Wolves it is entirely unfair. Like I have stated, how can the "Top Teams" do what they do and the others be called to "explain" If the matter needs sorting out, then all teams MUST field the strongest team. If that happens, how will the promising youngster(s) ever get a game ? That in turn means clubs will have to buy in proven talent and that in turn means sending more and more money out to European clubs in transfer fee's . The FA need to tread very very carefully here !