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  • LAWRENCE LAWRENCE Dec 7, 2006 00:30 Flag

    rotten board

    As a Newcastle supporter and friend of an avid Hearts fan, I recognise the sad decline of a club that a few months ago, looked as if it was going place,s, we to in the past have had many #$%$ chairman, and yours seems to rank with our very worst.
    All I can do, is to wish you get it sorted out.

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    • Firstly, let me tell you im a Chelsea fan!! Right now you have got over your cursing, im saddened to see what is going on at Hearts. Your chairidiot is absolutely out of order, a view I would imagine is supported by any decent football fan up and down the length and breadth of the UK. I thought you had pulled off a real coup when first Graham Rix, who can be credited with the tactical decisions at Chelsea while Guillit / Hoddle were in charge, & then George Burley were appointed manager but seems this businessman thinks he can pick a team, well clearly the results since show he can't. For the good of football everywhere I hope he doesnt succeed in ruining the club beyond repair.

      Hopefully the Hearts fans will continue to support the players left and voice their dislike of this guy and succeed in forcing him back to Lithuania, together with some of those dreadful countrymen he likes to call footballers.

      For what it is worth you have my whole hearted support.