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  • Mark Robins and his no nonsense attitude has brought confidence and beleif back into the boys at Barnsley FC. We are longer dreading thwe next defeat, we are relishing the next game and are excited by the prospect. We are playing better football, and fear no one. I was confident of getting a result against Newcastle and we did and were unlucky not get all 3 points. I would like to take this chance to say well done Mark Robins and his staff.. Bringing back the good times to the Tykes and with a bit of luck and continued good form, we could actually do something special this year, dare i say promotion back to the premier league... Only time will tell. Just wanted to get the feeling of other tykes fans??

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    • also i dont think it would be good for us to get in the Prem this year if by some act of god we did, Robins should get the time to build up a solid team, not part time Prem players leaching off us, we need to take note from the likes of Stoke and co.

    • Totally agree, i didn't know much about Robins and was dreading the fact that he was favourite to take over from the terrible Davey. My brother in law told me how well he had done at Rotherham and that he would do the same at Oakwell. I always dreaded watching the score updates, i went to the Man City friendly and the Coventry game and noticed that under Davey, the players only played well against top opposition and poor against average (no offence to Coventry), but Robins came in and shuffled up the team and got them working for their wages again, very happy with the tarn at the minute.