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  • Juan Juan Aug 5, 2005 06:09 Flag

    Borgetti - Hit or Miss?

    It’s your opinion about the “best football on the planet”, FIFA doesn’t think the same way. But that’s besides the point. Borgetti’s major handicap is not his age for “the long run”, as you mention. Borgetti needs football providers. He won’t lead a fast break or toy defenders around like Ronaldinho. You give him the football inside the box and he will score. Free kicks, corner kicks, crossed passes, just look for him inside the box.... and let the football do the running. Good luck Borgetti and go Bolton!

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    • Borgetti shouldve gone to europe a long time ago. maybe in 1998 or 2000 at the latest. he has been awesome and is the best header imho in mexico. he can still move and hopefully gets 10 goals this season and help out bolton. now i hope more clubs look at players from mexico such as o. sanchez (GK) who is going to santos of brazil who is one of the best keepers in the world. ramon morales would also do well in europe and mexico may have other Rafael Marquez's in the squad.