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  • Bad Bad Jan 2, 2006 04:00 Flag

    United 4 Wimbledon (aka Bolton) 1

    Unfair to Wimbledon, they occasionaly play it on the deck. Did the Premier league introduce those yellow balls because yours generally come down from the sky with snow on.

    Sat with me bro yesterday and it was great to see fat Sams cheating 6 fingered boys lose.
    Yes I did say cheating and this starts right from your keeper who actually kicks from his hands outside the penalty area (counted 4 times in the 1st half alone) to your forward who has less ability than Crouch who uses a hand before he jumps.

    You have set football back 20 years.

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    • i cant beleive a manUre fan has actually accused another team of cheating. well actually he has a point, apart from van horseface, rooney, cristina ronaldo, scholes, fletcher, giggs, richardson, heinze, neville, ferdinand brown and van der sar there arent too many cheats in there...

    • I'm not a Bolton fan, leaning more to Man U and Wigan, but in the 1950's when I started to watch football I'd watch United one week and Bolton the next when they were at home and City if both away. This way I developed a love of the game and respect for opponents whether near neighbours or far away teams. I could never understand how Bolton and City fans hated United so vehemently but then again most successful teams are hated aren't they? (Who loves Chelsea or Arsenal?) Anyway I digress. When the match at Bolton was recently cancelled due to a frozen pitch I was discussing the issue in my local with a bunch of friends, all Bolton fans. "I see the game was cancelled due to the centre of the pitch being frozen." I remarked. "Yes." Replied one of them. "Can't understand it. We don't use that bit!"

    • Actually that last answer was far to polite - you don't have a clue what you are talking about, do you? Answer me this why have Bolton set football back 20 years? Bearing in mind where Bolton where in 1999 (when big Sam took over) and how we have gone forward and progressed as a club and where United where in 1999 and how they have... well... gone backwards. When you know what you are talking about, try again - until then Shut the **** up!

    • I appreciate what you are saying - Bolton are often confused of playing the long ball. Personally I think they play to their strengths. I watched MoD last night and th panel had nothing but praise for both Bolton and Liverpool. Somoe of Kevin Nolans passing was wonderful and the fact that they use ariel tactics and set pieces is just because that is their strengths. United can play the ball to Wayne Rooney and Van Nistelrooy along the deck as they have those qualities - they also cost about 1000% more than the likes of Kevin Davies. So I do appreciate what you are saying I have to disagree. As for Crouch not having any quality I think he has, any player who can score 5 goals in 7 starts is worth a look at. Finally United, Chealsea, Liverpool and all the other teams have had their fair share of being accused of cheats for different reasons. All players will do what they can to gain a little advantage, even if it is gaining a few feet at a throw in or free kick it is all in the same vein - to gain a little advantage. So all teams are guilty of that. If you don't like Bolton then I suggest you can find something to call them about that your team has never been guilty of.


    • Well you might talk about Wimbledon because you probably liver closer to them than you do old trafford...wait for the resposnse everybody this is annother person who has lived in Salford for the last 300 years and never missed a match, let alone fall off a bandwagon. Talk about Cheating keepers, at least ours didnt pick the ball from the back of the net and claim it wasnt over the line.
      Dont worry about a lttle team from Bolton you muppet worry about the fact that you will not win the League for a few more years.