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  • rrichards rrichards May 5, 2006 16:37 Flag

    England not nearly embarrassed as they might have been

    England not nearly embarrassed as they might have been with the appointment of McLaren to the England post ev_- Old Potato Head alias "Big Sham" would have made an even bigger mess and made England laughing stock of other countries not only i the football world but in having a thick dope like him saying he's representing England------- You're welcome to him Bolton -- Give him a 10 Year unbreakable contarct!!

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    • Big Sam has taken Bolton Wanderers a long way from the lower divisions, he is a passionate manager who won't take #$%$ from anyone! for those who slate allerdyce a word in your ear..Sam played a mean game and now manages a mean game so to call the man names is the typical english loser loving mentality that is expected from #$%$, grow up and get a life leave Football to the people who value the game!

    • McCLAREN,already been a failure as england assisstant so hes rewarded with the managers job, pathetic. at least big sam would have given a fresh start, and whose bothered what he looks like as a representative for england as long as we win.

    • Too true - I totally agree, Illusions of Grandeur --the man has been carried away with himself.. he is deluding himself if he thinks his credibility or image is suitable for represenation of any country, even a banana republic -- he'll go the way of other jokers and end up in 2nd/3rd divison dreaming of days when he was an English Managerial "Candidate"

    • You call Big Sam a Big dope but then what does "not only i the football world" mean. I would say your the big dope and your opinion doesnt really count to anyone.