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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 4, 2006 04:36 Flag

    NAKATA HIDE just announce to end his career

    He announce at his homepage to retire from not only national team, but also as a soccor player. What do you guys think? He doesn't work well in bolton,but he is surely one of the good player, i think.

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    • Nakata is a world class player with superb skills. he played well for japan in this world cup as well. i think bolton didnt give him enough opportunities last season for him to settle down. when u come from a different league u need a few matches to settle down. he would have made a big difference if he was played continuously in the centre of midfield

    • I always thought he was very good. He always gave 100%. Sometimes opportunities to allow you to play well are very few. A lot depends on how your team mates are performing on the day.
      I liked him. My best wishes go with him.

    • That is the problem I think -- Hide is a *GOOD* player and not a FANTASTIC player. Perhaps he has realised this and thought that it would be better to retire while he is at the top of his footballing career and rather than play for lesser clubs over the next decade.

      Good luck to him though, in what I think will be an acting career! It is a shame that he didn't get more games for Bolton - it may have helped.