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  • ian ian Aug 24, 2006 19:41 Flag

    Empty seats

    You had more interest in counting the empty seats than watching the game, for the record the attendence was 23,000 leaving 4,800 empties, Tottenham returned 1,000 tickets, leaving 3,800 home empties.
    I am fed up with so called big clubs getting 3,500 Tickets and turning up with a half the tickets unsold. Bolton is one of the best supported clubs based on population, we don't rely on armchair glory hunters.
    Next time I am down the lane we will see just how many of the 30,000 sell out are corporate prawnies or day vistitors from the Far East as against true fans.
    We know we are a small town club with limited means, and what galls the rest of the country is we won't lie down and go back to the Championship.

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