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    New song for Nicolas Anelka ??

    While drinking a few pints before the game, a particualr member (Smelly) of the London Whites was challenged to devise a new song for Nicolas Anelka, as we all felt non other really fitted, yes youve got the same chant for Borgetti you could use for Anelka but we all just felt that our new record signing needed something new.

    With that he started at the game by shouting (those of you who were there to watch the dismal display would of heard him as he is not exactly quiet!)

    "Whats that coming over the hill.. is it Anelka... is it ANELKA??!!?? Whats that coming over the hill.. is it Anelka... is it ANELKA??!!??"

    To which Anelka gave a thumbs up from the bench, in between burying his head in his hands, thinking what have I done, this lot couldnt score in a brothel with a fist full of fivers!

    Nothing really happened until right after the break when a few Bolton fans higher up in the stand shouted, Whats that coming over the hill.. is it Anelka... is it ANELKA??!!?? Whats that coming over the hill.. is it Anelka... is it ANELKA.

    So with that I am writing this post to see if this new song, (all loyalties to go to smelly of-course)can be sung when we play Watford at home.

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    • Sounds like a fair swap!

    • Heh. I like it. Though thinking about it doesn't it kinda make Anelka sound like an evil monster?...

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      • I've been wracking my brains for what we used to sing for him when he played for Arsenal all those seasons ago... unfortunately its gone in the mists of time, the only thing remaining is the emmanuel petit song..... he's blond, he's quick, his names a porno flick, emmanuel emmanuel....... I'll let you know if the Anelka one comes back for me. By the by, that season he had at Highbury he was a revelation scoring 25+ plus goals, he was very quick and leapt on anything loose, a terrific finisher but not keen on tracking back. We bought him for £500,000 and sold him just over a season later for £22-£23million... probably the best piece of business any club has ever done with any player.... It was a shame he had that attitude and got "handled" by his brothers as I do think it has damaged hs career. If big Sam can get the best out of him he could be absolutely ace for you this year as he more talent than most other strikers in the prem apart from probably Henry and Schevchenko.

    • Which BWFC tune do you refer - how would it sound - hopefully not - they all laugh at him. they all laugh at him,they all say his days are over, but hopefully - born to be a wanderer, a goalsocorer is he!!

      Maybe, a better tune would be - (do you all know MCFC song - Ciy, City, the best team in the land and all the world, well - Anelka, Ankela, the best frog in the Enlish Premier league!! Just a thought!!