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  • NICK NICK Sep 19, 2006 15:31 Flag

    Nolan - No brain

    Hmm, let me see. rio ferdinand, gary neville, wayne rooney, wes brown, steven gerrard, peter crouch, too name but a few. so, not bad thinking kevin,

    Well didnt they do well in the World Cup!! Same old Rooney oOoo oOo OOOOO OOO IM ANGRY!! I THINK I'LL STAMP ON SOMEONE!!! Hmm... i wonder what might happen if i do this?)

    Ok so.. Rio - Rocks! Neville - nothing special, Rooney - psycho genius, Wes Brown - nothing special, Gerrard - occasion genius, when he can be arsed, Crouch - Lanky git, but good on the ball (If he wasnt on the World Cup team, maybe the manager would've had a decent strategy!)

    Personally i think the England squad needs a complete re-shuffle! Give some players who are good at football a chance on the team, not just the players who can afford to pay the England Manager to get a place in the team.

    Now come on, could someone one please tell me how the hell did Owen get in the squad, he was injured, played sod all football, got on the team.... was absolutely useless then CRRRRAAACK, his knee gave way and off home he went. Now wouldn't it have been a little more sensible to put say.... Nolan in his place, same position, fit, actually played football that season.

    Of course not, Owen had to go because he was great in a previous World Cup, nothing to do with the fact that he's been #$%$ ever since.

    Personally i like Nolam, yes I support Bolton (although my home team is actually Man U), he has lots of energy and usually plays well. With regards to the comment that he played bad against Watford.... id like to remind you of the World Cup.... where most of our team played like a bunch of retards!

    Give Nolan a chance i say, what harm can it do!?