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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Sep 23, 2006 13:28 Flag

    is sam and bolton screwed?

    A person is innocent until found guilty. I will give Sam the benefit of the doubt.

    As said before, the transfer market nowadays are full of undertable deals. Look at West Ham landing the 2 Argentines, and Chelsea's huge payments for some transfers, very fishy indeed.

    Good luck Sam, you need it.

    From another scouser

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    • Would be impossible to make up the comments made by these agents which coincide with his son's own boasting.
      The agents then went on to say they were telling lies_? Really? Them why chose allardyce and not one of the other 19 managers.
      This will sink him and you get the usual #$%$ like "I never knowingly took any money...""

      "I need to spend some time with my family" etc etc