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  • Blueskies Blueskies Oct 5, 2006 19:02 Flag

    Footbal Bung Scam - Work it out

    FA said that they are investigating 39 deals - 8 PL clubs involved-

    Work out where it will boil down to.

    Manchester United ?

    Chelsea - Too much money Nobody needs to ask for a “bung”

    Bolton Wanderers ?

    Portsmouth ?

    Everton – don’t thinks so

    Aston Villa – OLeary’s dodgy deals?

    Reading N/A

    Arsenal - NOT LIKELY – Caught up as victims of Bunging before –

    Blackburn Rovers – New manager – MH not the type

    Liverpool – New manager to English game – not likely

    Manchester City ? Hamman looked Dodgy for one

    Fulham – Don’t think Coleman or Club involved

    Newcastle United – Roeder new manager not involved – But Duff for 5m?/Owen 17m?

    Tottenham Hotspur – Scandanavian connection acts as warning Not Likely

    Wigan Athletic – Doesn’t look like the type

    West Ham United – West Ham seems a feeder club for talent but the club itself looks clean

    Middlesbrough New Manager not involved – and unlikely that McLaren

    Sheffield United N/A

    Watford N/A

    Charlton Athletic ?/ Curbishley moved on for some reason – may be unconnected

    Sunderland - relegated
    CP - relegated
    Norwich - relegated

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