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  • A Yahoo! User May 9, 2007 10:16 Flag

    Allardyce is not a Newcastle manager

    I would take a look at your own sentences and spelling, mate, before you start having a go at 'Big Sam'. You obviously missed the Bolton - Newcastle game over Christmas. A festive feast of fabulous football! Try saying that over and over again.

    Get a life!!!! Learn how to spell!!!! As for image - Sam will put you on the map dim-wit..........

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    • BTW where is Bolton - and which map is it on?

      (Newcastle already having a rugby team and they don't need another one managed by a thick headed bluffer)

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      • Ive never met a more ungreatful bunch of idiots as SOME newcastle fans! your team are woeful and who really cares for your rugby team! im a bolton and tigers fan, we took 6 points in the football and seriously kicked your #$%$ in the rugby! Big sam is the man to turn your side around! he will inject some common sense into your side and actually make you believe that your worthy of silverware instead of floundering in water deeper that you can swim! so shut up and watch this space #$%$

      • you are obviously getting your locations wrong, you are in the Bolton Wanderers message board and as Big sam isn't part of Bolton Wanderers anymore, you are quite clearly in the wrong place. Now as Sam has been chatting to Mr Shepard in the last few days looks like your whining is going un noticed. Now off you trot to the NEWCASTLE boards (if you can find them) and post your whines on there because us Bolton fans couldn't careless.
        The thing with your Newcastle fans is that you are all living in the past! you need to shape up and look to the future before Sunderland surpass you.

      • Looks like I was right - you didn't make the Christmas game at the Reebok. Well, here's to a good game tomorrow. Hope all the Bolton based fans raise the roof!!! Europe is calling!!!! Anyone have a globe to show the bloke above roughly where that is?

      • Sam worked wonders for BWFC.
        If he gets as much support from you daft geordies as he did from us then i can see NUFC start acheiving things, lets face it, you have not had much to rave about recently.
        Looks like Viduka is moving up the road to you lot another FREE transfer. Thats what he is good at, he brings in talented players CHEAP!!!
        Good luck Sam, you will be missed!!!!

    • I agree Sam is a great manager. He did wonders at Bolton and maybe he can turn an underachieving club like Newcastle around. Lets face it teams go to St James' and expect 3 points nowadays. The Geordies could do a lot worse than hire Big Sam.