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  • A Yahoo! User May 14, 2007 21:51 Flag

    Long Ball or Great pass?

    Can anybody tell me the difference between a long ball and a great pass, apart from commentators and news columnists who don't like "unfashionble" clubs.
    Or for that matter a firm tackler as opposed to a rough house team?
    Which matches are some of these commentators watching when they miss fouls by their favourites, even in slo-mo replays?
    Has nobody told the commentators they are supposed to try to be disinterested people some of the time?

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    • If they did not have teams like bolton to criticise they would not be able to do their job objectively.
      We all know the super stars and super teams are brill all the time.
      Oh and bolton play long balls with the rest it's just a long, well placed pass

    • its a great pass when a club like Arssnal, Chelsea etc punt the ball forward, however its a long ball when a team like Bolton punt the ball forward OR more specifically when a team like Bolton punt the ball forward against teams like Arsenal, Chelsea etc.