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  • neetleeter neetleeter May 21, 2007 03:01 Flag

    West Ham affair

    Has the club, through the Chairman or Board, made any representation about the wrongs of the West Ham verdict,
    or are we simply sitting on the fence, pretending it's nothing to do with us?
    Surely, all "small clubs" (of all divisions) should support Sheffield United and other strugglers in opposing the outrageous verdict. It's no surprise that the buffoons who control our game should have arrived at such a disgraceful decision, but it's amazing that West Ham should now be treated in the same way as the "BIG FOUR", i.e. above the laws of the game and receiving preferential treatment.
    Fingers out, Bolton - join the stand for fair play, decency and honesty. We could easily be in Sheffield United's position one day and our destiny decided by corrupt administrators. To say that this matter is none of our business is a pathetic cop-out.