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  • notlob notlob Nov 10, 2009 00:38 Flag

    muppet mugson

    why oh why is he still in a job in football, no talent no tacktics chance of ever takeing bolton into the top 10 of the table. and i have noticed that bwfc have taken the message boared of there web site is this cos they are getting so much abuse about megson well they should take note of the fans cos they keep the club going with there hard earned cash every week to see him go on Motd and say he was disopointed with his teams profomance. well he picks the team he tells the club what players he wants to bring in so it his up to him to get results and he should leave and let someone else to do the job before the transfere window opens he has had enough chances now so it time for him to go not after the next game now.