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  • donna donna Apr 4, 2010 15:40 Flag

    Owen Coyle The Man. The Manager

    I would just like to commend Owen Coyle on his great job at getting Burnley relegated from the Premier League. As far as i am concerned you are not the man of integrity and honesty i thought you were. After seeing your previous clubs demise at the hands of Manchester City i am appauled. You brought them up and i believe had no intention of giving them a fighting chance of staying up by failing to strenghten there squad when the oppurtunity arose in the summer. I hope to god that you are not about to do the same at Bolton. As the old saying goes a leopard doesnt change its spots. You are the Original JUDAS & always will be in my eyes & i believe that if Bolton find themselves in the same situation as Burnley next season you will cut & run if things dont go the way you hoped

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    • Yes Donna I think I know where you are coming from, I know by your comments that you would never take promotion even if it was offered to you on a gold plate, you would never take a rise on your salary it might give out the wrong vibes. Be honest we would all have done what Owen Coyle did given the chance and yes he may even do it with Bolton at some time or other but every Bolton fan is thankfull that he did come to Bolton and we got rid of Megson, should have been earlier to give us a better chance to move up the table. It could have be worse we had a manager that spent 6 months longing for the England job and three months hoping a bigger club would come in for him and in the meantime Bolton was slipping further and further down the league. Bigger teams are not always the best - he found out.