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  • Jenny C Jenny C Jan 21, 2012 12:19 Flag

    Not A Clue

    My club will finally see the trap door open this season and not even the staunchest of whites can fail to deny what's coming. I can see BW being in serious financial meltdown. They say it comes in threes well last seasons cup semi, Sir Nat dies and the final nail in the coffin...relegation..... The task to keep us up is too much for Owen Coyle and his band of inept tactics, player acquisitions. The only saving grace he has is because he was one of us under Rioch. Gartside will be more upset at the fact he will lose his seat on the PL board, I don't think he has thought about that ... Eddie Davies our saviour is laughing all the way to the bank even if he is owed x amount by the club. Time for a buy out me thinks. What's the going rate for a Championship club nowadays?