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  • A Yahoo! User May 23, 2007 22:08 Flag

    Silver wear for the Gunners??

    easy mate calm it down - the man has a point. You're a solid Wengarist which is fine - I'm a sympathiser of his idea of building a team like Arsene is however you can't build a team without some experience present. Of course we have Gilberto and Henry, but they need more than that. I think signing one or two more senior, top quality players will help the youngsters learn, perhaps even a bit more quickly. RVP had Bergkamp to learn from last year - now there is not one in that highly experienced role. I'm not talking about throwing money at a team chelsea or Man Utd style (or though to be fair, for the prices they pay, utd seem to get decidedly average players - Carrick and Hargreaves (17m, bargin for Bayern) don't you think?)
    This team has great potential and I too believe they could be fantastic in times to come but time is rolling on, this is now 2 years with nothing to show for the team's efforts - stuff needs to start moving forward next season as they admit they're finally settled in the new environment of the emirates. These gooner kids like to talk to the media about their potential but it is soon becoming the time where they should do all their talking on the pitch