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  • B4ts B4ts May 28, 2012 19:01 Flag

    wellcome to the championship.

    Hope your straight back down after your #$%$ attack on Alan Smith.

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    • B4ts, I know you have a true moral compass; I also know you have a soft spot for the Terriers. Wishing the club ill for the actions of a few problem fans (or fans with problems - like they forgot to take their Ritaline!) is unlike you. Come on, B4ts, for every Terriers fan that misbehaves Leeds has had a hundred; all of whom have been served with banning orders. The Terriers just need time to catch up as they have been out of mainstream football for decades - though if the club bans above a dozen it may have problems filling the Galpharm Stadium!
      Personally, I congratulate the Terriers on their promotion and look forward to a couple of local derby matches next term - if for nothing else, they will prove or disprove whether Leeds was right to sack Larry.