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  • Blueskies Blueskies Apr 24, 2009 23:23 Flag

    Roy KEANO!!

    Doubt it very much. Ipswich owners should readhis book.
    Keane is just not cut out for any coaching or management.
    This is how the story will go at Ipswich

    1. Arrives and huffs and puffs and all players in awe of him.
    2. Whole system reorganised-'His way" i.e. Man Utd
    3.Only comes to Ipswich twice a week
    4..Still no improvement - starts slagging off players
    5.Players dejected and fearful of their awesome manager- shows in results
    6. Upsets portions of the crowd and board who question Who are you?
    7. Things get worse , relationships with players, board and crowd..
    8. Puts 25 quid on the plate at church on Sunday but no reply from gates of heaven
    8. Does a runner and agrees to a 2.5million pay off for just over 1 years "work"

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