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  • jazab jazab Nov 20, 2005 21:21 Flag

    England need to improve

    And now a worst performance in 2nd test, I guess in 1st test there bating was not up to the mark. But in 2nd test I think they are not good in bowling either. They are droping too many catches. And that's realy silly cricket. Catches win matches. Droped three catches 1st day. M.Yousaf got out due to shere bad luck. That ball had kissed the ground on its way to the feilder. In other words England realy needs to improve:(

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    • I agree that England need to improve, however you are forgetting that they have just come through one of the toughest, gruelling challenges they have ever faced in beating Australia over the summer. Kevin Pietersen has played less than 10 competitive test matches, has never played on the sub-continent, and is therefore taking his time in finding his feet. Ian Bell had a disappointing summer by most people's reckoning, and proved his point well in the first test, roll on tomorrow!
      England's greatest assets at the moment lie in their captaincy partnership. Vaughan and Tres are two of the most inflential and inspirational captains in the world at the moment, and Tres was exceptionally unlucky not to cap his captain's innings in the first test with a victory. We also have the best bowling all-rounder in the world in Freddie Flintoff. His performances this year have been truly world class.
      My assessment: Room for improvement? Yes. Win the series? Maybe not. Come out with our heads held high? Every time. To every England cricket supporter in the country: Be proud of witnessing some of the greatest players and the best team you will see for a long time. To the rest of the world: We have a young side and a huge amount of talent, both experienced and potential; we're coming for you!

    • I don't agree with you, I think both sides are playing well, don't you see 1st tests results, both played well, I hope Pakistan wins the 2nd one too, but both sides will give each other a tough time as both are good.