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  • As both of these teams thread are dead with no comment for weeks, am I the only person who stays up all night to watch these matches?

    Please someone tell my wife that this is normal!

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    • Never fear. I don't think you're the only cricketing insomniac. With the Pakistan tour and the Aussie-Windies mismatch both airing in the wee small hours, I haven't been getting much sleep lately either.

      I think I'm beginning to hallucinate, too - controversy between England and Pakistan? Aussies thumping the hell out of the Windies? Oh, yeah, maybe I'm not then.

      Roll on India - although the venue snub is one that I feel pretty sick about. What exactly is the India board's problem? England have never been anything less than totally hospitable to their touring sides. It seems we don't deserve the same treatment. I think the ICC, if it could be trusted, should fix venues if they insist on setting schedules. The India board behaviour is totally unacceptable; their excuses unbelievable.

      If they don't regard England as a more important touring team than the generally unpleasant and slightly weaker South Africans, at least in terms of crowd-pulling, then they need their heads examined. I think, as I suspect most others do, including India supporters, that they are simply taking the 'home advantage' idea to the 'nth degree, and are prepared to sacrifice revenue for possible victories. That's just pathetic. It makes a farce out of the idea of the 'spirit of the game' and seriously undervalues both the qualities of their own players and the tour generally. I think teh ECB should threaten a boycott until the ICC sees reason and at least arbitrates, better, orders the India board to bend. Otherwise, the outcome will be a total anticlimax, especially after such a hard-fought, exciting tussle in Pakistan, who have been first class hosts and have provided excellent arenas for the drama to take place, AND, they have reaped the rewards in consequence by being keyed-up and ultra-competitive in front of good crowds.

      India take note.

    • @ Mrs Commentarybox
      It is normal behaviour, indeed in my case if two teams of tremites were playing I'd probably watch until the bar opened.

    • when did Aussies become normal?

    • Commentrybox's wife - it is quite normal for your husband to have a deep interest in cricket. The problem is that the time difference between Oz and the UK results in the action taking place in British unsocial hours - it is notthe same hearing or watching the highlights later in the day.
      Commentrybox's wife - it is a temporary matter; once the test series is over, your husband will cease to be nocturnal.